I am inspired by the interactions, relationships, and identities that people have. “Sisters,” is an exploration between the complexities within relationships that sisters have during childhood and present time.

This series reflects dreamy storytelling and the preservation of intimate moments found only in the unique bond of sisters. I started photographing sisters for the past year because I am a sister myself to two and we all have a strong relationship with each other. The idea of sisterhood fascinated me, and through sit down interviews, visiting their homes or a meaningful place of sentiment, I wanted to learn how different and similar each relationship was. I wanted to learn all the details, from the funny stories to the more emotional descriptions about themselves and the questioning of whether they felt that their relationship could be stronger all while creating a meaningful honest portrayal of each sister through photographs. 

Ceili + Mary Getman

Mary, Laurel, and Helen Zaengle

Lisa Peck + Adina Magee

Niko Monroe + Lois Newell

Mercedes, Cadence, Olivia, Sophia

Teagan + Tinsley

Karsen + Leeza Shultz

Chloe + Bailey LaTourette

Sage + Denali Finkle

Gabriella, Athena, Danielle

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